Chicago Rocks! Glasses

Chicago Rocks! Glasses


Call us old fashioned, but we think everything tastes better out of a handsome glass. Classic and sturdy, complemented by a discreet logo. Go on, sip a little history. Keep the spirit alive. Set of 2. Old fashioneds not included.

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Catering Sales Coordinator
Team Member Since 2015

"I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures and ways of life--seeing the world from a new perspective is so refreshing and fulfilling. When I'm not traveling, I love doing early morning yoga to start my day off with a feeling of community, gratitude, and mindfulness."

Reservations Coordinator
Team Member Since 2015

"I've been in active the Chicago Salsa scene for 12 years now and have been dancing competitively for the last 6. The interaction and connection you can have with a complete stranger is what drew me into dance from the beginning and is still what drives me to do it today. There is something so unique about being able to connect with everything around you; dance allows that with every song. Competing on an international stage has really pushed me to my dancing abilities in the best possible way. The new stage for me is now teaching in the City. Latin Dance has given me a lot and I'm very fortunate and grateful to be in a position where I can now share that passion and knowledge with others."

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