The Hotel Gift Certificate

The Hotel Gift Certificate

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A Chicago Athletic Association hotel guide to gift giving: you know it's good when you're tempted to keep for yourself. If you're lucky, maybe they'll take you as their date. Can only be redeemed through an overnight stay, but that shouldn't stop you from charging Cindy's or any of the food + beverage outlets on the 2nd floor to your room.

Please allow 72 hours for gift certificate processing. You can choose shipping or pick-up options at checkout. Gift certificates for food + beverage outlets sold separately. 

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Director of Programming
Team Member Since 2015

"Through my job, I am able to bridge our local Chicago community and a traveling community that is built inside our walls by our overnight guests. I've grown a deep passion for connecting people. It's a beautiful thing when different personalities come together for art, culture, or just plain old fun."

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