Pie on the Fly

Pie on the Fly


Who doesn’t love a pie pop-up shop?

Our executive pastry chef, Jove Hubbard, is a huge pie fan and gets excited to share his pies every Thanksgiving. Pre-order 48 hours in advance, and come to his shop on the ground floor of the hotel at the Madison Street entrance (71 E. Madison Street) between 3-6pm on Tuesday Nov. 20 or Wednesday Nov. 21 to pick up your sweet treats.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
vanilla dark chocolate ganache, candied pecans
allergens- gluten, egg, dairy, pecan, chocolate

Maple Cream Pie
spiced creme fraiche
allergens- gluten, dairy

Pumpkin Cheesecake
white chocolate cream
allergens- gluten, egg, dairy

Dutch Apple Pie
cinnamon oat crumble
allergens- gluten

Impress dinner guests with the cocktails and wines you pair with dessert – we’ve put together a flavor guide.

*We have a limited number of pies available. Please select either Tuesday or Wednesday for your pick-up to ensure your pie is available.

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