Chicago history is right here.

We’re a new kind of club: where everyone belongs and the spirit of play reigns supreme.

We never forget where we came from. And after visiting us, neither will you. With echoes of banging billiard balls, tossed poker chips, and clinking glasses resonating through the halls, our 1893 Venetian Gothic landmark is a living, breathing ode to Chicago’s rich story.

Chicago's elite private social club for over 122 years, the Chicago Athletic Association re-opened in 2015 as the boutique hotel and culinary hub it is today, this time inviting everyone inside. Today, the Chicago Athletic Association is both a novel downtown destination on the doorstep of Millennium Park and a historic monument to the big-shouldered spirit that defines our beloved city. 

Ours is never, ever the same place twice. And with our online store, we hope you'll take a piece of us home with you – come back again sometime soon to see what's new.